Prevent Bedsores and Find Comfort with an Air Mattress

Mar 23, 2020 | Blog

In order to achieve the perfect level of comfort, you need to find which type of therapeutic mattress will be best for you and it may be in the form of an air mattress. Sleeping comfortably on the right mattress will make a big difference and will also help with healing, which is why foam mattresses are not always ideal for those experiencing mobility impairment. An air mattress would be a lot more suitable for many patients because they are specially designed to bring comfort to those who need to spend a large portion of their day in a bed.

Foam mattresses also provide comfort and can reduce the chances of bedsores, although patients who are restricted in their mobility will find that an air mattress is the better choice. Having to spend most of your day in a hospital bed can be frustrating when faced with mobility impairment, but air mattresses can help by doing the moving for you. When a patient has difficulty shifting positions or cannot leave their bed regularly, their chances of developing bedsores and pressure wounds will increase. These are caused by the rubbing of the patient’s skin against bed surfaces that have no ventilation. The rubbing of the skin cannot be avoided and will happen constantly and with an air mattress, you won’t have to worry because they have features that will help alleviate those uncomfortable conditions.

Medical air mattresses are connected to programmable air pumps that allow the mattress to alternate the pressure points on a patient’s body, which helps the tissues remain in motion even as the patient rests. There are different cycles that can be selected and the mattress will continuously modify how its air pockets are inflated. This will ensure that the patient does not feel too much pressure in any part of their body at any point.

The mattress itself will not lose its firmness and the latest technology makes use of laser punctures throughout the mattress, which allow specific amounts of air to escape from the device. This new technology also helps manage the moisture levels on the individual’s skin and keeps it cool at all times. Patients respond very well to air mattresses and feel as though they are floating so they can remain comfortable for the duration of their hospital stay or treatment.

Lancaster Mobility wants to ensure you or a loved one achieve the ideal level of comfort to help ease the pain and help with your recovery process. We are located in Vancouver and offer a number of services, including hospital bed rentals and providing wheelchairs for sale. We also offer stair chair lifts and more, so if comfort is a priority, contact our company today and we will provide you with quality items and fair pricing.

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