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Hospital Bed Sheets

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Permobil Modular Mattress Systems.

Blake Medical -Home Care Mattresses

Lancaster Mobility offers a great selection of Full Electric Hospital Beds & Mattress for your needs

Invacare – Intermediate Care Mattresses

Permobil Modular Mattress Systems.

Adapt Mattress System

The Adapt 2 mattress with SRT is an innovative way to reduce the effects of pressure, friction, and shear within the body of the mattress. The 3” wide firm perimeter borders and 4” permanent gel foam foot border hold the ROHO mattress sections or foam inserts in place without the need for snaps. The surface inserts can be configured based on the individual client’s needs.

Acute Mattress System

The Acute mattress is our foam surface for the client at high risk of experiencing skin breakdown and may require the addition of ROHO® air components. There are multiple configuration system options available to best meet their needs.

ROHO DRY FLOATATION Mattress Overlay System

The DRY FLOATATION system reduces the risk of pressure injuries. It therefore may assist in the provides prevention and therapeutic coverage for all pressure injuries and facilitate wound healing including deep tissue injuries. The ability to “float” in the mattress overlay promotes healing and reduces soft tissue deformation.

Blake Medical – Home Care Mattresses

Blake – Infusion

The best of both worlds. This mattress combines the comfort and pressure reduction of memory foam with the durability and temperature regulation of gel.

Geo-Matrix G1 Single

The Geo-Matrix G1 Single Zone memory foam mattress is constructed of a high density polyurethane foam base, a 5lb memory foam core and a 1” gel coccyx insert.

Geo-Matrix G1 Dual

The Geo-Matrix G1 Dual Zone memory foam mattress is constructed of a high density polyurethane foam base, a 5lb memory foam core with a 1”coccyx and .75” heel gel insert.

Geo-Matrix G2

The perfect combination of comfort and stability as it features a high-density polyurethane foam base, 5 lb. memory foam core, 1” Geo-Matrix gel topper and an incorporated foam perimeter border for help with transfers and ADLs.

Geo-Matrix G3

Maximum comfort and clinical protection This mattress features unique construction with three different gel zones for maximum pressure redistribution and shear relief for bony prominence’s.

Foam Overlay

The Gel Infused overlay is perfect for increased comfort and pressure reduction with cooling properties to help reduce perspiration, that can lead to skin maceration while still remaining cost effective.

Low Air Loss Mattress

Salute RDX Air Mattress

This micro low air loss surface utilizes 18 8” air cells that provide quiet pressure redistribution, prevention and treatment in stages I-IV pressure ulcers.

Rhythm Multi Mattress

This system is a unique and innovative specialized mattress replacement unit that has a quick CPR deflation time within 20 sec.

Rhythm Turn Mattress

The Rhythm Turn system, operated blower unit, is a very unique innovation of a specialized mattress replacement that has an integrated glide sheet to base cover for easy transferring.

Invacare – Intermediate Care Mattress

Invacare® Solace® Prevention 3080 Mattress

Fortess cut convoluted foam. The soft heel section is upgraded to visco-elastic foam to cradle the sensitive area. This product provides comfort and support with built-in side supports and dual layer “fortress” cut foam. Also available in 84″ length.

Invacare Glissando Gliding Mattress – 80″

High-density foam mattress with a gliding layer designed to help improve clinical outcomes. The Invacare Glissando Gliding Mattress features a premium four-way stretch cover and two layers of high-density foam with a patented “gliding” layer designed to help reduce friction and shear which can contribute to development of pressure ulcers.


Whether you need a complete bed package, fitted sheet or a Vinyl Mattress Protector we have the your needs covered.

Advantages of Using a Hospital Bed

Hospital Beds are essential for patients who are bedridden because they offer innumerable advantages over regular beds. They maximize comfort for patients who use them for extended periods of time, and customized features make it easy to adjust specific parts of the bed.

Four important advantages hospital beds offer users are: Better positioning for patients, Improved Circulation , Safety & Easy Transferring

Lancaster Mobility offers a complete selection of Full Electric Hospital Beds & Mattress to suit your needs.

Hospital bed rental is an ideal solution for the short term need of a hospital bed and mattress. Typically rented in order to assist an individual in their rehabilitation at home or in order to try out equipment before deciding to purchase. Hospital bed rental also allows access to equipment for the individuals who may not have the budget to purchase, but can afford a smaller regular payment.

We also offer a range of hospital beds and mattresses for rental products.

It is our mission to improve the mobility of those we serve, with a commitment to excellence in all that we do. Our goal is to offer solutions that exceed clients expectations in a caring, convenient, cost-effective and accessible manner.

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