Bruno Out-sider®

Model: ASL-275

 350 Lb Lift Capacity

3-Year Limited Warranty

The Lift that Changes with Your Life. Bruno’s most popular exterior platform lift, the Out-Sider maintains all seating and cargo space. If you change mobility devices in the future, the Out-Sider can be easily adapted. It can also be transferred to another applicable vehicle. Add the “Swing-Away” option to access your cargo area.

Features and Benefits



  • Bruno’s most popular exterior platform lift
  • Fully powered, single button operation
  • Automatic folding platform when not in use
  • Reliable, easy mobility device securement
  • Adjustable license plate holder
  • Low-profile design for rear-view visibility
  • Safety system prevents unintentional platform lowering
  • Drive on/off platform




  • Walk from front to rear of vehicle and vice versa
  • Stand for two to three minutes
  • Drive mobility device on/off platform
  • Hold down a button on the control arm


Product Specifications



Out-Sider ASL-275 (Standard Platform)

Lift Capacity: 350 lb/159 kg

Platform Width: 28.5 in (72.4 cm)

Max. Mobility Device Width: 28 in
(71 cm outside of wheel to outside
of wheel)

Max Mobility Device Wheelbase: 38 in (96.5 cm)

Installed Folded Platform Depth: 18 in (45.72 cm)

Hitch Class: II or III*

Vehicle Type: CUVs, hatchbacks,
minivans, pickups, sedans, SUVs,
full-size vans

*Receiver hitch required


Vehicle battery (12V)

Optional 12V power supply


Meets or exceeds applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards

Integrated safety latch to avoid unintentional lowering

Mobility device securement