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The Veloce has revolutionized how people view folding wheelchairs. No longer do you have to sacrifice the ease and simplicity of a folding chair for the performance of a rigid chair.Transfers and transport are simple, and the ride is second to none. With a transport weight of only 11.98 lbs. (5.43 kg), it’s the one of the lightest folding wheelchair in the world. Who knew folders could be so cool!


Mantis frame – Fuses a box frame in the back for enhanced crossbrace rigidity with a cantilever frame in the front for a minimalist look.
High-Modulus Carbon T700 – One of the lightest and most rigid material available, also renowned for its vibration dampening properties
Rigid Unibody Frame – A unibody frame is much stronger and needs less maintenance than a standard two-part frame. It also reduces weight while maximizing propulsion efficiency.
Symmetrical Molded Crossbrace 3D – Entirely symmetrical carbon fiber crossbrace for reduced torsion and better energy distribution throughout the frame.
Ultrarigid Folding System – High-precision tolerances and oversized pivot axles for best-in-class propulsion efficiency.
Forged Vertical Axleplate – Offers the industry’s most precise rear wheel adjustability. The vertical mounting maximizes rigidity and responsiveness.
Bubble levels – Built-in highly accurate and calibrated gauges make caster adjustment quick and precise.
Newton Accessories — Parts and accessories designed to be lighter, with improved functionality and awesome style.

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