Rubber Modular Entry Mat

Features and Benefits

100% Recycled Rubber

This mat is an eco-friendly, durable, and secure threshold solution.

Can be used for exits and entryways, both indoors and outdoors, to meet a variety of needs.

The Modular Entry Mat sits directly against the door sill to provide a smooth transition.

The Modular Entry Mat can be combined with optional risers to obtain a maximum height of 4.75 inches. See product options for more details.


Product Width:

TMEM 2.5-1:  48″
TMEMR 2.25:  24″ per riser (2 each)
Product Depth: 24″
Product Height:

TMEM 2.5-1:  2.5″
TMEMR 2.25:  2.25″

Product Information
Starting Retail Price: $360

Weight Capacity:

TMEM 2.5-1:  805 lbs.
TMEMR 2.25:  850 lbs.
Product Weight:

TMEM 2.5-1:  40 lbs.
TMEMR 2.25:  23 lbs. per riser (2 each)

Additional Information