NEOX – Tilt-in-space

The NEOX™pushes the boundaries of mobility!

The NEOX™ incorporates advanced geometric design and revamped technology, resulting in a modern Tilt-in-Space wheelchair that combines strength, versatility, and maneuverability. A practically limitless range of adjustment options translates into a perfect fit and weight distribution.

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Adjusting Features

Attendant Wheel Lock

Features an attendant operated wheel locks for easy use.

Six-wheel Technology

The addition of recessed rear wheels reduces the turning radius and makes the NEOX™ easier to propel when in a tilted position.

Overcome Obstacles

The tilt rear wheel technology greatly facilitates daily use indoors or outdoors.

Progressive Design

The elongated, telescopic shapes in the NEOX™frame are precision designed. The sliding tubing allows for fast, accurate positioning.

Protection From Uncontrolled Movement

An optional dynamic backrest offers protection from uncontrolled movement and helps reduce wheelchair damage. The dynamic backrest reduces pain caused by muscle spasms and facilitates their control. It promotes postural trunk control by allowing muscle stretching without restrictions.