XCLUSIVE Straight Rail - $2995


Available from Lancaster Mobility, the Xclusive is the

first straight Handicare stairlift to emerge from our design team following the marriage of two of the world’s leading stairlift manufacture’s under the Handicare umbrella.

The Xclusive is the result of a project to combine the very best ideas and designs of both teams and it offers you the opportunity

to own a stylish stairlift that delivers a safe and reliable solution.

Safety as standard

The Xclusive has undergone rigorous testing to ensure that you will receive a stairlift you can trust.

Customise to meet your needs

The retractable seat belt has been designed to be easy to operate regardless of which side of the seat

it is located so you can choose the side that is best for you.

We are delighted to offer you our Xclusive solution to overcome the challenges caused by domestic staircases.

Left or right handed?

Your operating toggle can be put

on whichever side of your Xclusive Stairlift is most suited to your needs.

Easy to operate

Designed to be easy to identify,

the operating toggle has evolved from a tried and tested design that resulted from a collaboration with occupational therapists.

To operate the stairlift simply hold

the toggle in the desired direction

of travel. Its robust yet ergonomic design means that it can be operated by users with limited dexterity.

The Xclusive also comes with two remote controls which can be used to call the stairlift between floors. This is particularly useful in multi

user situations. These battery operated controls can be located

in wall brackets so they are to

hand when required.

Effortless style Installing a stairlift in you home needn’t mean making big changes;

a staircase survey will highlight any adjustments required so they can

be made prior to installation.

Fixed to either side of your stairs,

not the wall, you do not need to worry about disturbing your décor and the Xclusive can be fixed to carpeted, bare wood or marble which makes it suitable for a wide range of straight staircases.

The Xclusive has been styled to blend with or compliment many colour schemes.

Slimline design

This compact and unobtrusive stairlift is designed to maximise

the clear space on the stairs

when folded making it easier for other users of the stairs to pass

the stairlift.



  • Weight limit: 285lbs
  • Multiple charging points
  • Fold-up seat, footrest and armrests save space for other stair users
  • Safety sensors immediately stop the lift if anything is detected in its path
  • Manual swivel seat for safer transfer on to and off of the lift (powered option upgrade available)
  • Moves silently and gently with a soft start/stop
  • Key switch prevents unauthorized use
  • Manual emergency stop
  • Two remote controls
  • Retractable seat belt
  • DC plug-in power
  • Battery backup in the event of power outage

Powered Swivel Seat

 When you arrive at the top of the stairs, swivel your seat so that you  exit onto the landing safely. 

Powered Footrest

 No need to bend down to fold or unfold the footrest.